How we increased sales for an Italian Cosmetics Online Store by 11%
Since January 2023, we've been working on the Nail Shop Italia website, and here we will share our website optimization methods
We are marketing agency webanuts - specializing in creating high-converting websites and online stores with a conversion rate 2.5 times higher than the market average. We have increased website conversions from 2 to 13 times.

The Nail Shop Italia case is an Italian project, where we increased the conversion rate from 3.4% to 5.1% from January to June, resulting in an 11% year-to-year sales growth according to statistics.

So, as of January 2023, the situation was as follows:
An online cosmetics store with ~1000 products. Black and white design, minimal sales-oriented text, no personality or founder's experience on the website, website is lacking audience engagement tools. Primary sales come from Instagram, but there is organic traffic from Google.

We have previously increased conversion rates for beauty and fashion online stores up to 50%. Therefore, the approach for the European market is similar. Examples of such projects are listed below.

The key points are:
  1. Firstly, understanding the target audience, delving into the niche, analyzing the current website statistics, and creating a sales-oriented structure and content for the website.
  2. Secondly, working on the customer journey. The simpler the store, the better. To achieve a conversion rate of around 5-8%, there should be minimal unnecessary steps, pages, and buttons. Your customers should have no questions or difficulties when placing an order.
The most important aspect of creating a high-converting website is a deep understanding of the target audience. Content sells on the internet.
So, here's what we did with the Nail Shop Italia website:

  1. We conducted a deep analysis of competitors and the niche. We delved into all the statistics and the current project situation.
  2. We changed the structure of the main page, which receives 70-80% of the traffic. We added company facts, information about the founder, promotions, discounts, and popular products.
  3. We redesigned the main page and added animations.
  4. We optimized the checkout process and removed unnecessary fields.
  5. We implemented a waitlist feature for products that are out of stock.
  6. We introduced a pop-up with a promo code and integrated email campaigns for new and existing customers.
  7. We introduced a user account system to optimize the internal order assembly process.
  8. We implemented a product recommendation system.

You can see the results of our work below.

In conjunction with six months of promotion work, we managed to achieve:
+11% in revenue
+9% in average order value

Additionally, we achieved a conversion rate increase from 3.4% to 5.1%, but this metric heavily depends on the quality of advertising traffic and may vary.

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